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In order to present an Association Standard of uniform dependable quality assurance, membership in the MCVA will be limited to those who:
 1.Pass a MCVA quality assurance and public safety inspection        
 2.Fulfill the MCVA mandate of promoting rural lifestyles         
 3.Are rural residents

All members must:
 •Pass a quality inspection         
 •Annually, submit proof of adequate liability insurance
 •Annually, submit proof of water purity
 •Maintain MCVA standards and abide by MCVA operational guidelines
 •Perform an annual self inspection, completing the online MCVA checklist
 •Pass a 3rd party, quality inspection every 3-5 yrs, or, following a complaint, where the MCVA Board of Directors deems an inspection is necessary.
Inspections will apply under these categories:
1.    Attractions
2.    Day-School Tours
3.    Campsites
4.    Home-stay
5.    Outfitters
Inspection will cover:

 General Suitability: quality of facilities, attractiveness, spaciousness, comfort, etc.

 Cleanliness: indoors and outdoors - as is expected in any public establishment
Food: quality and preparation - see also MCVA Environment-Health Operation Guide
Hospitality: spirit of generosity, courtesy, concern and ability to share lifestyle
Safety: Horse-related businesses - see MCVA requirements
Day – school tours and attractions - see MCVA requirements
Home-stay – indoors/outdoors as listed in MCVA inspection and /or insurance
Waste/Sewage*: Sanitary collection and contained storage away from traffic areas Adequate covered containers for public use
Sanitary toilets with hand-washing facilities * see Man. Regulation 95-88R and/or local RM regulations
To maintain standards all recommendations for improvement must be carried out within a specified time frame, as deemed fair by the MCVA Board of Directors.

Rating categories:    Basic        Standard                Special            Deluxe
                            50–60 %        61–75%            76–90%            91–100%


Emphasis on:  *Safety   *Cleanliness   *Neatness   *Organization    *Condition of Animals

        *designated parking area
        *adequate toilet, toilet tissue & proper toilet-tissue dispenser
        *hand-washing facilities with running water from a source that is regularly (at least annually) tested for bacteria
        *antibacterial soap and paper towels with proper dispensers
        *accessible drinking water with paper cups dispensed in a hygienic manner *waste containers
        *clean secure tables & seating
        *controlled house pets                                                               
        *play area equipment in good repair
        *all animals in good health (ill – isolated)
        *barns, sheds & stables clean and in good repair
        *pens roomy, clean and well-drained
        *fenced barnyard that is clean and well drained
        *adequate insect control
        *tools and machinery stored in off limit areas marked & fenced
        *covered garbage containers
        *sewage and garbage as per municipal regulations
        *rain shelter (where applicable)
        *fences and walkways in good repair                                                                                                                                 
        *covered eating area
        *plastic table covers
        *concrete, cinder, gravel or wood chip walks
        *first aide and CPR certificate
Operational Requirements:
1. Toilet and hand washing facilities must be cleaned prior to arrival of the visitors and checked and cleaned on a regular basis during the tour. It is essential to insure that supplies of tissue, paper towel, antibacterial soap and potable, bacteria-free water are available at all times.
2. Prior to the tour, the guide must, inform the visitors of the safety rules and their responsibility to obey them. The tour must be conducted in a controlled, orderly manner.  Visitors must not be allowed to leave the group and wander on their own. Smoking is not allowed. If the tour involves animals, the visitors must not be allowed to eat during the tour or to enter pens with the animals. Visitors should be instructed that animals can carry ‘germs’ and cautioned not to put their hands or other objects, such as grass, straw, animal feed, etc., in their mouth or eat anything themselves during the tour. Immediately following a tour of animals, visitors must be reminded to wash their hands thoroughly with the
antibacterial soap.


Emphasis on:  * Safety    * Cleanliness    * Comfort     * Food           *  Ambience

        REQUIRED                                                       SUGGESTED (OPTIONAL)
* designated, lit parking area                                          * designated play area & games    
* well-lit walkways, porches, doors                                * lawn furniture
* handrails
* even, non-slip walkways
* designated off-limit areas
* clean, tidy house & yard
* gentle house & yard pets
* safe play equipment & lawn furniture     
* lighted stairways & halls                                             * daily paper, magazines, books, ice,
* handrails, night-lights                                                           ice water available
* smoke alarms & fire extinguisher(s)                            *use of TV, VCR, DVD (supervised)
* carbon dioxide alarm, if applicable                              * games                          
 * clear access to exits                                                  * musical instruments
 * non-poisonous plants only                                         * air conditioning 
* secure scatter mats and carpets                                   * WIFI                          
* screened doors & windows
* window supports (where applicable)
* bug free atmosphere
* Government approved crib only             

 Bedrooms  (60 sq.ft. plus 40 sq.ft. per person desirable)
* mattress cover pad                                                  * writing table & desk
* pillow protectors                                                     * decorative items
* adequate clean bedding                                            * extra blankets & pillows
* covered lighting                                                       * alarm clock
* mirror                                                                    * room air conditioner
* waste basket                                                           * tissues, plastic or paper cups
* chair                                                                       *  radio, TV
* closet or armoire                                                      * luggage bench & extra chair                                                                  
* dresser                                                                    *suitable books & magazines  
* screened window (gov’t regulation)                           * towel rack
* drapes, curtains or blinds                                          *door locks
* electrical outlet      

        REQUIRED                                                       SUGGESTED (OPTIONAL)

Bathrooms    (Note: shared bathrooms are rated 1-3, private rated 1-4)
* cleaned daily                                                           * disposable towels & cups
* safe shower & tub, curtained                                    * individual soaps & soap dish
* non-slip surface or mat                                             * tissues
* shelf, vanity & mirror                                               * extra toilet paper
* vent fan or window                                                  * clothes hook
* waste basket                                                            * chair & stool seat
* door lock                                                                 * extra towel rack
* electrical outlet (razor, blow dryer)
* adequate toilet paper & soap

          FOOD SERVICES                              
 (see MCVA Environmental Health Operational Guideline)
 General Food & Kitchen requirements
* adequate space, storage, refrigeration                        * Food safe handlers certificate
* maximum cleanliness food prep area                         * First Aide and CPR certificate
* maximum cleanliness equipment and appliances
* clean un-chipped dishes, clean linens
* 2 part sink or dish washer
* chlorination of hand washed dishes, etc.
* sanitary kitchen garbage disposal
* bug and insect free food service areas
            Food Preparation
* clean covered storage                                             * extra coolers & ice packs
* adequate fridge area                                                  
* clean working area & bug free
* personal cleanliness
            Food Quality
* fresh , homegrown, wholesome                               * special diets
* variety & balance servings                                      *  vegetarian meals on request  
            Food Service
* adequate portions, seconds                                      * separate table
* covered table (mats) & napkins                                * linen napkins & cloth
* attractive table settings                                             * flowers, ice water, dessert forks, spoons
* personal cleanliness


        REQUIRED                                                       SUGGESTED (OPTIONAL)
* clean & spacious sites                                           * safe electrical outlets
* adequate parking area                                           * sand bucket
* clean & ventilated toilets & screened                      * water line connections
* extra toilet paper                                                   * area lighting
* toilet seat with lid                                                  *  play area
* adequate shade and grassed area                            * lawn chairs & table(s)
* potable water supply                                             *  campfire grill
* covered trash can (garbage can)                             * hot dog sticks
* safe fire pit with cut wood                                     * shower, bath, laundry facilities
 Separate Accommodations:  Cabins, bunkhouses etc..          
As above including:                                             As above including:
* legal heating equipment                                         * dishes, cutlery, dishpan, etc.
* basic furnishings                                                   * shelving & storage area
* screened windows
* broom & dustpan
* indoor waste container
* fire alarm & extinguisher(s)
* carbon dioxide alarm if heating with wood stoves or natural gas units

Horses and stabling
*Good healthy animals
*tack and harness in good repair
* wagons, sleighs & buggies in good repair
* fences, buildings in good repair
* spacious saddling area
* clean, well-drained barns, stables, barnyard
* fully enclosed riding rings
* wood fences preferred
* access to drinking water and toilets for guests
* adequate manure disposal area, apart from public area
* parking area separated from horse area

See:  Horses and Stabling (above)
Definition: Backyard Horses(s) – family use horse, available to guests limited to 100 horse-hours per year
 See:  MCVA requirements for horse-related businesses (below)
See:  Horses and Stabling (above)
Must meet all Manitoba safety, insurance and legal requirements


1.Principle Guide:  the person in charge of the trail ride, the outriders, the horses, and the riders           
(or passengers)    
The principle guide must:
* be experienced with horses and guiding
* be familiar with the dynamics of a trail ride             
i.e.: a group of non-riders and horses together
* pass a MCVA competency test
* have a current First Aid certificate
2.  The Principle Guide must:
    a. prior to the ride, inform the riders of the rules and their responsibility to obey them        
    b. prior to the ride, conduct an orientation on safety and how to control a horse            
    c. operate the string to the ability of the LEAST capable rider                    
    d. not allow unattended stragglers                                
    e. not, knowingly, allow an intoxicated person to ride or mount a horse
3.  All rides MUST be guided.
4.  Rides greater than six guests must have 1 outrider, with 1 outrider per 6 guests thereafter.
5.  Outriders must be capable riders and familiar with the dynamics of a trail ride.
(Persons handling packhorses are NOT outriders.)
6.  All horses must be experienced, gentle and stable in nature.
7.  String horses must be socialized within the group.
8.  String horses must be kept separate from other groups.
9.  Each group must have a principle guide.
10.  All equipment must be in good serviceable condition.
NOT ALLOWED:  racing, riding double, galloping out of line, galloping or trotting within sight of home.
 Operators of harnessed wagon or carriage horses must observe those requirements, which are applicable to their operation.